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What is Parting Pro?

Parting Pro is transforming the death care industry with our market-leading B2B SaaS that empowers funeral homes with the tools to improve the family experience when dealing with a loss. As experts in the death care technology space, Parting Pro makes it easy for funeral homes to provide families with a modern experience, while reducing workload and increasing revenue.

With recent VC funding, we’re growing from a once small, scrappy team of individuals to a team who is committed to transforming one of the last consumer industries rarely touched by real technology. As we move into our next phase of growth, we are looking for a Head of Marketing to help us accelerate our growth and create a brand within the industry.

As a remote-first company, our teammates are autonomous, effective communicators, and driven to set and achieve their own goals.

What makes this opportunity exciting?

As Parting Pro’s first marketing hire, you will immediately make make an immense impact not only to our company, but on the death care industry. The end-of-life space is run by traditional operators marketed and sold to by traditional vendors. You will be able to come right in and shake things up. Your knowledge and expertise will be an unfair advantage you’ll have over competitors who are fighting over the same attention from funeral directors. It’s a open field of opportunity to put your past experience to work and see it flourish.

Even though you’ll be an individual contributor, you will be fully supported. We already have a proven sales team to close the leads you generate. Your work will not be for nothing. Not only will your impact help increase the incoming leads, but the new, added marketing channels will undoubtedly increase our sales funnel conversion rates by added brand awareness.

You’re an expert, and we trust that. You will be handed the reigns on day one as we get out of your way.

How will you contribute?


We are looking for a highly experienced and motivated Head of Marketing to join our growing team. In this role you will be responsible for leading the top of funnel growth and awareness for our company. You will be given the flexibility to ideate, create, and execute on your marketing plans.

You will be both creative and metrics-driven with strong communications skills. As a remote-first company, communication between the different teams will be paramount to finding success in the role. You will have an in-depth knowledge of funnels and should be able to set MQL goals with comprehensive plans to meet them.


  • Experienced in B2B SaaS with a heavy focus on demand generation.

  • Comfortable with product marketing, content marketing, and an excellent communicator.

  • An individual contributor who will ideate and execute marketing strategies to reach funeral homes.

  • Experience working with other teams within an organization, specifically with sales and product.

  • Passionate about joining a small team and having a direct impact on revenue and growth.

Why you’re important to us:

Parting Pro has one simple mission: create the best death care experience. Our solution is the leading online arrangement platform that helps funeral homes close more business, make more revenue, and streamline their operations. As the head of marketing, you are the voice of the company. You will amplify our message to death care professionals and help funeral homes become modern businesses. We strive to make one of the worst times in most people’s lives just a little bit easier so that they can focus on what matters, not just on what is necessary.

We are already changing death care, but you can help us do it quicker.

Parting Pro
Funeral Home SaaS
Size:  11-50 employees
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