Director of Growth Marketing
Los Angeles, CA
Senior +1 · Full time
Posted a year ago

We’re looking for a Director of Growth Marketing to join our founding team to lead our growth across California over the next two quarters and nationally beyond. You'll help build our marketing team and growth marketing function, reporting to the Founder. You’ll be responsible for driving qualified leads to sales, and tracking the success of our full-funnel growth efforts.

About Two Front ​​🚀

Two Front is rebuilding the $925B orthodontics market by Uberizing the orthodontic industry — we’re building a ‘business in a box’ for orthodontists to build patient-centric and modern orthodontic practice from local dental offices. Dentists leverage this same platform to seamlessly offer their patients expert-driven care and an emotionally resonant experience that enables the best outcomes for patients, orthodontists, and dentists. We’re building a marketplace that empowers dentists and orthodontists to find their best partner seamlessly online.

PROBLEM: One in two people in the United States is looking to improve their lives and smile more by straightening their teeth. Overwhelmed with options, potential patients must navigate the risk and reward of mail-order aligners that are proven to cause patients harm, dentist-directed aligners who take a one-day course to deliver aligner treatment themselves, or traditional orthodontist-led care which is notoriously expensive. Meanwhile, new orthodontists graduate with $1MM in student loans and take jobs at several practices to fill their schedule and operate inefficiently with several different medical record systems, teams of staff members, and contracts, and with no opportunity to build their business and brand.

We’re backed by top investors including Craft Ventures (funded Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, Postmates, Facebook, Tesla, Zocdoc, Twitter), the founders of companies such as One Medical and DataCamp, are founded by a Harvard-trained Orthodontist and are supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of the top orthodontists in the world.


Strategy & leadership:

  • Growth Marketing Strategy: Set channel strategy and plan campaigns to meet qualified lead and revenue goals.
  • Growth marketing team: Build the growth marketing team, manage the team as it scales, and hire contractors and agencies as needed to hit goals. At first, you’ll be a growth marketing team of one, but you’ll be able to hire once we define the next role.
  • Cross-functional leader: Collaborate on growth strategy across the company, share funnel metrics regularly, be a liaison between sales and marketing, and partner with product on in-product growth and affiliate strategies.

Growth marketing planning & execution:

  • Marketing Analytics: Define KPIs and create full-funnel dashboards to help us measure, optimize, and scale our marketing efforts. Report on performance to the executive team.
  • ABM: Source lists from partner organization and create campaigns to reach our core audiences
  • Website: Set up proper tracking, optimize landing pages, follow SEO best practices, and run a/b tests to improve our website’s conversion rate.
  • Marketing Ops: Own the marketing tech stack, add tools and make improvements as needed.
  • Paid: Build out our paid strategy and select contractors or agencies if needed to help execute SEM and social ads.
  • SEO & Content Distribution: Partner with Product Marketing and Content Marketing to ensure all content and webinars drive engagement, distribute content across email, social, and continue to grow inbound via SEO content.
  • Marketing to Sales Handoff: Define the handoff to the sales team and work closely with sales drive qualified leads that convert to opportunities.

What makes a great candidate for this role:


  •  5-7+ years of marketing experience
  • SaaS or marketplace experience: You’ve worked at a B2B startup, preferably with a top-down sales model. Early or growth stage startup (Seed-Series C) experience preferred.
  • Industry experience and/or passion for our mission to build a world where patients love their dentist and dentists love being dentists.
  • Hiring & managing: Experience hiring growth marketers and managing them effectively.
  • Breadth in all areas of growth marketing, with depth in some of these areas: paid acquisition, email/lifecycle marketing, SEO, website management & conversion rate optimization, marketing ops and analytics.
  • Core growth marketing competencies include marketing ops, analytics, and ABM.
  • Channel management experience: You are experienced at executing campaigns across multiple channels, including paid, and you can clearly describe the campaigns you’ve run and what you’ve learned.
  • Proficiency in full-stack of marketing tools: You know what tools to use and how to use them—or you can figure it out quickly.

Skills and approach:

🏆High quality bar. You’re developed marketing strategies and tactics that put the customer first and understand how to hit revenue goals at the same time.

📈Experimentation mindset. You don’t just test things you’ve done before and understand the importance of testing and scaling what works.

🚀Strategic and scrappy. As an early-stage company, we ar still building out our growth engine, you should be excited about the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You’ll be hands on building and executing in tools, but you’ll also need to set goals and budgets, prioritize initiatives, and report on key metrics to the entire company.


  • Always strive for excellence. You take great pride in your work.
  • Do impactful work. You focus on results, not process.
  • Work with urgency. Don't let perfection get in the way of shipping — always ship.
  • Be a self-starter. You don’t need to be managed.
  • Communicate well. Be honest and forthright, own your mistakes, and treat people with respect.
  • Learner: You are naturally curious, able and excited to operate in ambiguity.
  • Hungry: You are eager to invest your energy into developing the most performant and scalable technology possible.


  • Competitive compensation 
  • Stock option plan to give our employees a direct stake in Two Front’s success
  • Comprehensive health coverage (medical, dental, vision)
Two Front
In-Home Orthodontics
Size:  1-10 employees
Funding Level:  Early-stage Startup
Total Amount Raised:  1.4 M
Year Founded:  2019
Tuesday Capital
Black Jays Investments
Jonathan Cornelissen
Lakehouse Ventures
Black Jays
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We are angel investors in Two Front. If you are interested in this role please reach out to us directly at and we can make an intro if there's a fit.
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